What Lean Is and Is Not

Lean is not a program; it is not a set of quality improvement tools; it is not a quick fix; it is not a responsibility that can be delegated. Rather, Lean is a cultural transformation that changes how an organization works; no one stays on the sidelines in the quest to discover how to improve the daily work. It requires new habits, new skills, and often a new attitude throughout the organization from senior management to front-line service providers.

Lean is a journey, not a destination. Unlike specific programs, Lean has no finish line. Creating a culture of Lean is to create an insatiable appetite for improvement; there is no turning back. As Lean consultant Joan Wellman states, “With Lean, you will keep changing your definition of what ‘good’ is.”

Six Ways Health Care Units and Hospitals Use Lean and TeamSTEPPS/CRM

The lean methodology, borrowed from Toyota Motor Corp., and TeamSTEPPs borrowed from aviation, emphasize continuous quality improvement, standardization, teamwork, communication, and efficiency.

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Lean + TeamSTEPPS

We blend all of the elements of TeamSTEPPS plus Toyota Lean process improvement into one united effort; one that provides administrator, physician, and nursing engagement and support of standardized work at the outset, and sustained results.

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Results and ROI of Lean + TeamSTEPPS

We understand you cannot afford another program that drains your staff patience and bottom line. With our programs results are guaranteed. Review case studies of other hospitals’ results with our programs.

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